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In the beginning of Peter Popoff in the ministry, God called him to reach out to Eastern Europe and also the underground church being oppressed by Communism.
Peter's dad and grandfather happen to be tortured due to their faith before they settled in the United States. Despite the fact that they have suffered vastly in the hands of the Communist group, they have managed to escape from Berlin and successfully started a new life in the United States in 1950. Because of the experiences of persecution during his childhood years, Peter was called by God to join the ministry.
* When Peter graduated from college in 1971 he also decided to wed Elizabeth and also founding the Peter Popoff Ministries.
*Peter began his mission with a radio program in 1976 and constantly preaching at churches and during conferences throughout America. During this period, he also courageously headed Bible smuggling operations that permeated both the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe as well as the Bamboo Curtain of China.
*Often using unusual strategies, Peter utilized every ways that God offered to have the Message into the hands of starved people in oppressed countries.
*In the 80's and 90's helium filled balloons were utilized by Popoff so as to spread God's words to every single city. Packets full of Gospels were enclosed in watertight coverings and taken by the tides to teachers in locations where the Gospel was banned. The effect of these Gospel Invasions was phenomenal.
*Until this very day, underground Christian believers are grateful for Peter's endeavor in speaking the good news. Their spiritual effort was made feasible with the stellar courage and dedication of Peter Popoff.
* Peter lives in his belief that through various ways, no single heart cannot be penetrated by the Gospel. Launching teams can drop Gospel literature into the sea, fill balloons with tracks, or do whatever it takes, to get the Word of God to the coast line of countries closed to the Gospel. Actually, Peter Popoff had indirect and direct ways of distributing Gospel literature all over the world.
* In order to listen to him spread the word and feel an extraordinary touch from heaven, crowds of people travel for miles just to gather and see the strength of God through Reverend Popoff. He even had an audience of over 30,000 people in one service in Odessa, Russia, in which he uncovered the miraculous workings of The almighty, ultimately setting people free.
* Peter believed that he's already exposed to reaching millions of people around the globe to spread the Word of God. He has the passion to preach the word of God to all people, allowing them to experience his omniscience and love for humanity.
* In 1982, Peter widened his horizons and started a television show. These days, his weekly show is broadcasted on major TV networks throughout North America, and by satellite, in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
* For over 40 years, Peter Popoff has spearheaded a ministry that has proclaimed the life-changing miraculous power of Jesus Christ.
Peter Popoff desired for absolutely nothing but to reach out to countless people who lack spiritual inspiration and close relations with God. Lots of men, women and children were spiritually healed through Peter's Ministry.

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